ASAHI Tape Sdn Bhd was brought into existence in 1989 as a humble family business. And our first products were introduced in the market. From the very outset the emphasis lay on the production of Adhesive Tapes, under the ASAHI brand.


In addition to the manufacturing of Adhesive Tapes in the Packaging Division, ASAHI is also manufacturer & supplier of Stretch Wrapping Film, Shrink Film, Opp Film, Industrial packaging materials and trading activities. Catering to the ever growing demand for industrial packaging materials, ASAHI's Packaging


Division's vision is to provide a "One Stop" supplier of industrial packaging materials. In the process, ASAHI has diversified by spearheading advanced efforts into other industries; Paper/Creative Products and Multimedia Industry.


Quality is the number one priority in line with our commitment to our customers. We have an independent Quality Control Department to ensure that all products are inspected before it goes to the market.

With the continuous effort to further upgrade the skills of our workers, ASAHI brand will be our threshold for further growth in the near future ...


We subscribe to the singular philosophy of product & service excellence at all times. This is translated into quality local & imported products which are affordably & competitive priced. We are totally committed in providing the "Best in quality, Good after-sales service & Timely delivery!"